My Articles

I contribute regularly to publications of professional associations in my field. Here are some highlights.

Freedom of Speech

As any interpreting trainer will tell you, monitoring yourself when interpreting is vital to ensuring a delivery of good quality. In my continuous endeavour to improve my performance as an interpreter, I regularly record my rendition and listen to myself. When I noticed a couple of bad habits creeping into my performance, I sought the […]

Microwavable Notebooks and Other Contraptions

As a conference interpreter and university instructor, I’m always on the lookout for technological developments that can benefit the interpreting profession. This includes devices that will allow the user to transfer handwritten notes and illustrations into a digital format. What’s the significance of such technology for me? In my professional life, I prepare assignments, teach, […]

Best in Class

To become a staff interpreter at the United Nations, one must pass the Language Competitive Examination (LCE). This exam has always had a low pass rate that seldom exceeded 20%. With many staff interpreters retiring by 2018, a shortage of qualified interpreters in certain language combinations exists and needs to be addressed. This led the […]

Labour of Love

The position of chief interpreter was one of the oldest at Oriental courts. “At the Sultan’s court in Constantinople the position of baştercüman (grand, chief, or court interpreter) was one of the most highly respected court and government offices”.[1] Nowadays, chief interpreters do not work for royal courts but for international organisations. Still, their role […]

Danger Zone

Last academic year, I was invited to participate in a careers day organized by one of the inner city schools in Birmingham. Men and women representing different professions sat at tables where they would receive ten students to talk about their work and after ten minutes the students would move to another table till they […]

Apps for Interpreters

In the time span of five years, I have grown to arrange many more things on the go; from signing contracts to booking hotels and tickets. For this, I can’t possibly do without my smart phone. Many handy apps ease an interpreter’s busy life. I would like to share with you the apps I have […]